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Client Focused.  Results Driven.

Kim Snell

Founder & President


Delivering results to brands through effective strategy.


Kim founded KMS Media Solutions to satisfy her entrepreneurial spirit after a highly successful career at Cox Media.  Her vision of offering large agency capabilities within a smaller and more cost-efficient model has allowed KMS Media Solutions to thrive.  Kim loves working with bold brands that won't settle for mediocre.  Kim is a former board member of the North Central Florida YMCA.  She and her husband are previous Chairs of the American Heart Association's Heart Ball and she supports many local organizations and youth groups.  


When Kim is not crafting unique and creative marketing campaigns for brands, she will be found spending time with her husband and two sets of twins.  Yes, she has two sets of twins.  Kim is married to a former First Team All American University of Florida Offensive Lineman so she's always wearing orange and blue on game days.  

Jasmine Carmichael

Digital Content Marketer


Creator of purpose driven content that delivers results.


Jasmine received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida in 2019.  Jasmine has a passion for how social media has grown to influence marketing and company-consumer relationships. Throughout her time at the University of Florida, Jasmine was involved in multiple organizations including acting as Social Media Director and Editor in Chief at The Odyssey and as a Peer Mentor with Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars.  Jasmine will be returning to UF to pursue a Master’s Degree in Communication specializing in Social Media in the 2019-2020 school year.


When Jasmine is not creating engaging content for clients, she may be found spending her entire paycheck on the newest makeup necessities in Sephora or riding the Haunted Mansion at Disney World.  Her other interests are creating her own YouTube content, binge watching the newest Netflix original series, and trying her hand at cooking new Tasty recipes. Jasmine hopes to one day travel the world at her leisure and document her experiences abroad on her YouTube channel.